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Why should I use Smartmanu?
Our customers use us because we offer the following benefits:
Highly experienced product design team
A proven development process
Reduced risk, cost and time by offering design and manufacture in the same team
A fully managed service from product idea to delivered product
What services do you offer? And do I have to work with you from the beginning?
We provide the following highest quality services:
Product Design- using our team of mechanical and electronic engineers
Rapid Prototyping- using a variety of methods.
Cost effective mass production in China You can use any or all of these services. Customers with new product ideas are often keen on getting the design and prototyping done as soon as possible. This provides them with a physical product. They can then market their new product and develop demand.
Do Smartmanu fund development of products?
In general we do not offer funding for new product development and we charge for our design and manufacturing services. However, we do part fund a maximum of two projects per month. Our selection criteria are high and focused on an innovative resolution to a definite problem with a quantifiable market potential.
Where are your factories located?
We have factories all over Shenzhen. As there are regional variations in prices and quality standards, we select the most suitable factory for your specific requirement. Our customers are always very welcome to visit the selected factory either before or during production.
How long does shipping take?
Prototypes and samples are delivered to us by express courier, which takes approximately 4 days. Production volumes are delivered by airfreight or sea, please see delivery times below:
Standard airfreight: 1 week on average.
Sea: Up to 4 weeks on average.
I hear that the cost of shipping increased?
The recent oil price rises have affected shipping costs. However if the product can be packed well and a high volume can be shipped in a container, there are massive saving to be made.
What happens when I send you my drawings for quotation?
Step 1: Once we receive your enquiry, one of our Account Managers will deal with your enquiry. They will gather together all of the relevant information they need in order to fully consider the project.
Step 2: The Account Manager will then assign the enquiry to an engineer, who will review the project and ask any further necessary questions. The engineer will make suggestions for the best method of manufacture, ways to improve the product and ways to save costs.
Step 3: The quote is then sent to your Account Manager who will then forward the quote to you and be available to answer any questions you may have.
Do I have to answer lots of questions about what I want - can't you just give me a price?
In order to prepare you with an accurate quotation we have to collect all of the relevant information we need.
What file formats do Smartmanu accept?
We are able to accept: STEP, IGS, DXF, DWG and PDF.
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