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Name: Dip Molding
No.: SM05223

Dip molding entails recreating a mold of an actual part or object instead of adding on a new surface to a part or product as in dip and powder coating. Immersing a heated dipping form in liquid plastisol makes a molded part or form. Once fused, the part is stripped from the mold creating a hollow plastic form that will slide over an object to protect and insulate it. This process is ideally suited for slip-ons, handgrips, end caps, electrical guards, underground apparatus, boat lifts, and dock caps. A variety of textures and durometers are available. Choose from a wide spectrum of colors. Dip moldings are UV resistant.

This process deposits a coat of PVC plastisol adding a protective layer of cushioning which enhances the handling and appearance of your product. This coating resists corrosion and provides insulation against heat, cold, stress and electrical currents. This process is especially adaptable to high volume orders requiring fast delivery. Dip coatings are durable and UV resistant. It is the preferred choice for hand tools, utensils, clamps, clips, plating racks, battery hold-downs, hooks, and brackets. A wide range of thickness from .030"to .250"are standard. you may choose from a variety of textures and durometers. This process can accommodate both small and large scale items. color choices are left to the imagination. dip coatings provide additional advantages such as sound damping as well as eliminating the need to debur base materials.

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